With varying experiences between the partners at Bioconnexions Consulting Ltd there is little that cannot be catered for in the diagnostic and life sciences field.
Who We Are
Bioconnexions Consulting Ltd is led by Dr Ian Milton and Colin Tristram. Both have held senior roles within the tissue diagnostic market with companies at various stages of maturity, from university spin outs to large corporations, and have also been responsible for many leading assays used in routine tissue diagnostics globally. With experience covering sales and marketing, business development and innovation, Bioconnexions Consulting Ltd can provide valuable insight into an increasingly complex market.

Both Ian and Colin have been part of, and led, teams responsible for the development and commercialization of assays to diagnostic targets such as CD10 (56C6), Class II 510k devices for estrogen and progesterone receptors, as well as companion diagnostics for HER2.

Our View of Product Development
It is critical from the qualification of products that ideas and technology are viable both clinically and commercially. Product development requires clear customer needs and product definition, along with regulatory considerations. Internal research and development, whether a start-up or experienced R&D department, can benefit from external expertise to improve and accelerate the process.

Our goal: By reviewing projects at any stage of the product development cycle we can identify the road blocks and issues that otherwise go unseen. Through our experience, use of industry “best practice” and connection to clinicians and scientists, we are well placed to resolve your issues.

Our View of Innovation
We define Innovation as the harnessing of creativity and application of the resulting ideas to clearly defined unmet customer needs. These have to have commercial merit as well as clinical. With R&D and early phase discovery subject to tight budgets, more companies are outsourcing their innovation, thereby preserving their future.

Our goal: Open Innovation allows companies to invest in early phase research when internal resources or high volumes of work create bottle-necks. Underpinned by our unique experience we can deliver timely results to facilitate your R&D ventures. We can help in qualifying your ideas and further demonstrate their viability in our laboratory. There are many ideas and our experience and networks allow us to quickly identify those with the highest potential.